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      Storing More Than Vino: Elevating Your Home Decor with Dedicated Liquor Shelves

      Storing More Than Vino: Elevating Your Home Decor with Dedicated Liquor Shelves

      In an era where the American palate is diversifying beyond wine, agave spirits like tequila and mezcal have cut a swathe through the drinking world, marking their territory in home bars and hearts. With the growing popularity of these fiery yet nuanced liquors, the need for a storage and display solution that marries both functionality and aesthetics has never been more in vogue. Here at Native Range, we're not just about wine—we're about enhancing your drinking experience and bolstering the elegance of your home through our artisanal liquor shelves, crafted to showcase more than just your favorite vintage. Whether a collector, a connoisseur, or a dedicated home entertainer, our tailor-made liquor storage units redefine the space of libations in your home, providing an ideal stage for your spirits collection.

      The Rise of Agave Spirits in American Drinking Culture

      In recent years, the incursion of tequila and mezcal into mainstream American social libation is undeniable. These agave-based elixirs, once reserved for a certain niche, have seen a meteoric rise in popularity, becoming the fastest-growing spirit category in the United States. From craft cocktails to sipping neat, displaying bottles of these prestigious spirits is not just a trend but a testament to the refinement and global inclusiveness of contemporary home drinking culture.

      Showcasing More Than Your Wines

      For too long, the term 'wine rack' has been a literal interpretation in the decor domain, pigeonholing it in utility and design. At Native Range, we have disrupted this notion, designing a range of liquor shelves and racks that elevate the functionality of storing alcohol beyond just wine. Our bar shelf and wine rack in our collection is a versatile canvas, perfect for showcasing a plethora of spirits in a way that is both organized and visually stunning. Gone are the days of liquor cabinets tucked away in a corner; the modern agave aficionado knows the value of a good display.

      Unveiling Our Collection of Liquor Racks and Shelves

      Our line of liquor shelves is not just about housing your spirits; it is an extension of your home's character. Crafted from the finest materials and available in an array of designs, our collection offers both a touch of modern sensibility and a nod to classic elegance. From minimalist, wall-mounted shelves that maximize space, to grand, standalone racks that become the focal point of the room—our pieces are as diverse as they are beautiful.

      Solid Design, Premium Functionality

      Each of our liquor shelves is engineered to store your spirits safely. The shelves are constructed with durability in mind, ensuring they can bear the weight of your collection.

      Styling Your Spirits Sanctuary

      The arrangement of your liquor shelf is a reflection of your personal taste and the ambiance you wish to convey. With our diverse range of designs, stylizing your spirits sanctuary is a creative endeavor that is only limited by your imagination.

      Curation is Key

      Think of your spirits shelf as an art gallery—the bottles are your masterpieces. Careful curation of your collection can offer a myriad of visual delights, from varying bottle shapes and colors to unique labels and exclusive editions.

      Adding a Personal Touch

      Incorporating accessories like customized bottle stoppers, elegant glasses, and thematic backdrops can enhance the overall display. Personal items that hold sentimental value also add soul to the setup, making it more than a display but a narrative of your drinking adventures.

      The winds of change in American drinking culture have steered us towards a more comprehensive appreciation of fine spirits. Displaying and savoring agave-based drinks in the comfort of our homes is not just a fad but a manifestation of an evolving society that values quality and diversity. A dedicated liquor shelf from Native Range is not just a piece of furniture; it is a facilitator of refined living, a statement of sophistication, and an organizer of your spirited passions.

      Ingrid are the collection of liquor shelves and pack out of looking at remember that at Native Range. Your spirits are worth showcasing, protecting, and serving in a manner that is befitting of their stature. Whether you are a novice looking to make a stylish foray into the agave world or a seasoned aficionado in need of a new display solution, we invite you to peruse our shelves. Visit our store to experience the confluence of form and function, and take the next step in curating a life that is as elegant as it is spirited.

      Display Your Fancy Bourbons with Our Liquor Shelves

      Display Your Fancy Bourbons with Our Liquor Shelves

      Are you a bourbon lover? Are you passionate about collecting and displaying your fancy bourbons? If yes, then you've come to the right place! At Native Range we offer a range of liquor shelves that make a perfect solution to both store and display your expensive and rare bourbons.

      Our collection of liquor shelves is carefully curated to provide an elegant and sophisticated display solution that seamlessly blends in with your home décor. So, get ready for your New Year's party with our liquor shelves, and impress your guests with your unique collection of bourbons.

      Display Your Bourbons in Style

      Our liquor shelves are designed to display your bourbons in style. We offer a range of liquor shelf styles, including modern, rustic, and vintage, to help you find the perfect solution that matches your style and home décor. Whether you want to display your bourbons on a wall or a table, we have you covered.

      Keep Your Bourbons Safe and Secure

      Our liquor shelves are not only designed to impress your guests but also to keep your bourbons safe and secure. We use high-quality materials, such as solid wood, steel, and glass, to ensure that your bourbons are protected from damage and theft. Our liquor shelves come with locks, so you can keep your bourbons secure and out of reach from children.

      Customizable and Affordable

      We understand that every bourbon lover has a unique collection and style. That's why we offer customizable liquor shelves that allow you to design a display solution that fits your needs and budget. You can choose the size, shape, color, and material of your liquor shelf and add additional features, such as LED lights, to enhance the display of your bourbons.

      Perfect for New Year's Parties

      With New Year's parties around the corner, now is the perfect time to display your bourbons and impress your guests. Our liquor shelves are a perfect addition to your home bar or living room and provide an elegant and sophisticated display solution that your guests will love.

      Easy to Order and Install

      Ordering and installing our liquor shelves is easy and hassle-free. Simply browse our collection online, choose the liquor shelf that meets your needs, and place your order. Our liquor shelves come with easy-to-follow installation instructions, and our customer support team is always here to assist you with any questions or concerns.

      Our liquor shelves make a perfect solution to both store and display your fancy bourbons. We offer a range of liquor shelf styles that match your style and home décor, while also providing the safety and security your bourbons need. With customizable options and affordable prices, our liquor shelves are perfect for New Year's parties and any special occasion. Order your liquor shelf today, and display your bourbons in style!

      Must-Have Mixers for Your Wooden Bar Shelf

      Must-Have Mixers for Your Wooden Bar Shelf

      A well-stocked bar shelf is an essential part of hosting a perfect party or making drinks for yourself after a long day at work. Having the right mixers can make a world of difference in the quality of the drinks you create. Not to mention, it allows you to offer various options to your guests. Whether it's a classic cocktail or something more innovative, the right mixers go a long way. In this blog post, we will highlight four must-have mixers for your wooden bar shelf.

      Tonic Water:

      Tonic water is a classic mixer that pairs perfectly with gin. It's made by adding carbonated water and quinine, resulting in a slightly sweet and bitter taste. Tonic water is also perfect to have when you want to cut back on alcohol but still have a drink in hand. It acts as a base for various mocktails as well. Tonic water can be used in a variety of drinks, including gin and tonic, vodka and tonic, and rum and tonic.

      Ginger Ale:

      Ginger ale is a versatile mixer that can be used in a variety of drinks or even enjoyed on its own. It's made by mixing fresh ginger root, carbonated water, and sugar. Ginger ale adds a warm, spicy flavor to drinks, making it perfect for whiskey, rum, and vodka-based cocktails or mocktails. It's also perfect for creating a light and refreshing drink with just a shot of liquor, ginger ale and a dash of lime.

      Club Soda:

      Club soda is another classic mixer that is perfect for creating highballs. It’s carbonated water that has slight flavor and is more versatile than regular tonic water. It’s a crucial ingredient in refreshing drinks such as Whiskey Sours and Tom Collins. Club soda can be mixed with various ingredients like citrus, fruit juices, and bitters to create unique and delicious cocktails and mocktails. It is also an excellent alternative to tonic water for those who don't enjoy the slight bitterness.

      What about herbs?

      Herbs have been used for medicinal and culinary purposes for centuries. These natural ingredients infused into our favorite alcoholic drinks add the right amount of zest and excitement to any party. While many have learned to appreciate and enjoy the classic angostura bitters, there's a whole world of deliciousness beyond it. In this blog post, we will introduce you to three interesting herbal alcoholic preparations that are sure to tickle your taste buds and add an extra layer of excitement to your next hangout with friends.

      Fernet Branca:

      Fernet Branca is a popular Italian herbal liqueur that has been around for over 150 years. Made with over 27 herbs and spices including myrrh, chamomile, and saffron, Fernet Branca has a bitter and refreshing taste that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or digestif. It's the perfect ingredient for an enhanced cocktail. The herbaceous and bitter taste of Fernet Branca pairs well with drinks like a "Toronto" which is a mix of Fernet Branca, simple syrup, and rye whiskey, or a "Branca Menta Sour" which is made with Branca Menta (a variation of Fernet Branca infused with peppermint), fresh lime juice, simple syrup, and egg white.


      Chartreuse is a French herbal liqueur made by Carthusian monks in the French Alps. This vibrant green spirit is made with 130 different herbs and plants that are distilled in a secret process known only to the monks. Chartreuse has a distinctly herbal and sweet flavor that can be a great addition to cocktails. The bright green color and unique flavor make it a great conversation starter. Some delicious chartreuse-based cocktails include the "Bijou" which is made with gin, Green Chartreuse, sweet vermouth and "Last Word" which is a potent mix of Chartreuse, gin, lime, and maraschino liqueur.

      St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur:

      St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur has a sweet, floral flavor and is made from freshly hand-picked elderflowers. It is a refreshing and aromatic addition to any cocktail. The delicate flavor of this liqueur can be paired with various spirits such as gin, vodka, or champagne to make elegant and sophisticated cocktails. Try delighting your guests with the "Elderflower Collins," which blends St-Germain, gin, lemon juice, and soda water, or add a luxurious touch to your celebrations with the "Champagne Cocktail" which is made with St-Germain and champagne.

      Angostura Bitters: The Secret Ingredient in Classic Cocktails

      Whether you're a fan of an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or a classic Gin and Tonic, there’s one ingredient you'll always find in its recipe – Angostura Bitters. A few drops of this concoction transcend a regular cocktail into a more sophisticated and complex drink. But what is Angostura Bitters? Why is it so important to use in cocktails? In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the history, ingredients, and the significant role Angostura Bitters play in enhancing the flavors of classic cocktails.

      Angostura Bitters is a widely used ingredient in cocktail making, but where did it all start? In the early 19th century, a German doctor named Johann Siegert settled in Venezuela and began experimenting with local herbs and spices. Using his knowledge of medicine, Siegert developed a mixture of different herbs and spices to aid in digestive health. The result was a 44.7% alcohol-based bitter called "Amargo Aromatico" that soon made its way to the United States. The Amargo Aromatico was later renamed "Angostura Bitters" after the town of Angostura in Venezuela.

      The composition of Angostura Bitters is a secret formula known to a few individuals worldwide. The exact blend of herbs, spices, and bitter substances is a closely guarded secret known only to the company's top management. The primary ingredients of Angostura Bitters, however, are cloves, cinnamon, allspices, gentian root, orange peel, and quinine.

      When it comes to cocktail making, Angostura Bitters plays a significant role. The primary purpose of bitters is to balance out the flavors in the drink. An Old Fashioned, for example, is made up of whiskey, sugar, and bitters. The bitters' addition brings a depth of flavor that mitigates the sweetness of the sugar and enhances the whiskey's earthy and smoky notes. In contrast, a Gin and Tonic without bitters can taste flat and plain, but with a few drops, the drink takes on an entirely new flavor profile.

      Beyond their palate-enhancing abilities, bitters have also been used for medicinal purposes throughout their history. The gentian root, used in Angostura Bitters, was believed to aid digestion, while quinine, which comes from the bark of a South American tree, was commonly used to combat malaria. Although bitters' medicinal powers are no longer viewed as a cure-all, they are still considered a natural digestive aid.

      Angostura Bitters' secret formula and unique blend of herbs and spices make it an essential ingredient in classic cocktails. The bitters' versatility in balancing flavors and adding depth to cocktails provides a flavorful and complex drinking experience. Regrettably, many people overlook this essential ingredient, but the addition of just a few drops of Angostura Bitters can enhance the flavor profile of almost any cocktail. Try experimenting with incorporating Angostura Bitters into your favorite mixed drinks and experience the transformative power of this unique concoction.

      Herbs have been used for centuries to enhance the flavors of food and drink. The three herbal alcoholic preparations we've highlighted in this blog post are perfect for those who want to explore different flavors and take their cocktail game to the next level. Fernet Branca with its rich aroma and strong flavor, Chartreuse with its complex mixture and striking green hue, and St-Germain with its delicate and floral fragrance, offer a wide range of options for you to experiment with. Go ahead, discover new and exciting flavors, and make cocktails that will leave your guests begging for more.

      Having the right mixers is essential for making any cocktail bar complete, and the four mixers listed above are essential to have on your wooden bar shelf. When hosting a party or enjoying a night at home, it’s always good to have versatile, classic mixes available that pair well with many different types of alcoholic beverages. Take a chance and try out different mixes until you settle on your preferences; you may be surprised by what you find. So, go ahead and stock up your bar shelf with these must-have mixers and enjoy your drinks. Cheers!

      5 Unique Liquors to Have and Display on Your Bar shelf

      5 Unique Liquors to Have and Display on Your Bar shelf

      When it comes to creating an outstanding home bar, it's not just about the glasses and the mixers. What you display on your liquor shelf is crucial to making a lasting impression on your guests. And while your usual go-to spirits may be essential - like bourbon, we suggest taking it up a notch and adding these five unique liquors to your collection and proudly displaying them on your bar. These selections will surely impress your friends and provide unique taste experiences that stand out from the standard libations.

      Sake may not be the first drink that comes to mind when designing a bar, but it's one of the most versatile and intriguing alcohols to add to your collection. Originating in Japan, sake is made from fermented rice and water. It's a perfect addition to any home bar because of its easy-to-pair taste profile. It's light with a subtle fruity and floral aroma, making it a perfect addition to any cocktail or served on its own.

      For a more substantial bite of alcohol, Mezcal is an excellent choice. The smoky drink gets its signature flavor from the roasted agave plant, which is cooked over hot coals in the fermentation process. Mezcal is great served straight up in a shot glass or mixed into a refreshing cocktail.

      If you are looking for an all-natural flavorful and herbal drink, then Chartreuse should be your go-to. Its mixture of various herbs gives it a unique taste unlike any other. Additionally, Chartreuse's vibrant green color provides an ideal visual display piece on your bar shelf.

      Limoncello is a popular Italian liqueur that can be thought of as a cousin to limonada. It's fruity, tangy, sweet, and refreshing, making it perfect for summertime drinks. Limoncello is best served ice-cold, and alongside any citrus cocktail or after-dinner drink, making it a must-have for a perfect summer bar.

      Absinthe is no stranger to the spirits world, but it's definitely a conversation starter for any bar. The unique drink's high alcohol content, and strong anise flavor is usually served with ice-cold water, giving the alcoholic beverage an otherworldly look with a cloudy, milky effect. Traditionally drank with a sugar cube held on a special flat spoon placed over the glass of Absinthe, the sugar is then dissolved as chilled water drips over the sugar cube into the cocktail creating an unmistakable taste.

      Adding unique liquors to your bar not only gives you an interesting conversation piece for guests but it also allows you to expand your taste palate and explore new spirits. By adding these liquors to your wine shelf or bar shelf you can elevate your home bar and invite your guests to discover more exquisite drink choices. With an array of flavors, aromas, and colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

      Get Organized in Style with a Bar Shelf

      Get Organized in Style with a Bar Shelf

      Whether you’re a wine aficionado, a home mixologist, or just enjoy having a few drinks on occasion, having an organized bar is essential. A bar shelf is the perfect way to bring style and organization to your home bar. Our wine racks are multifuctional and act as bar shelves for your liquor or wine, and include a glass rack underneath. 

      A bar shelf is a great multifunctional piece that can provide both display room and storage space. Bar shelves come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly into any space. On top of that, they are perfect for displaying everything from bottles and glasses to cocktail shakers and other bar accessories.

      Wine racks are specifically designed for storing bottles of wine and wine glasses. We offer wall-mounted wine racks which are perfect for smaller spaces. Wine racks also work as décor pieces that add class to any room or area in your home.

      Glass racks are most commonly used in restaurants or commercial bars because they allow glasses to be stored upside down (to keep them clean). Our stylish glass racks look great in any home bar setting or kitchen area. The shelf space on top offers additional storage so you can store additional items like bottle openers or coasters nearby!

      Bar shelves are a great way to organize your home bar without sacrificing style or space. Plus, with the added bonus of wine racks and glass racks, you’ll be able to maximize space while ensuring your favorite drinks are always ready when you need them! So whether you’re looking for something functional yet stylish or just something fun to show off your favorite bottles of wine – a bar shelf will do the trick! Now all you have left to do is pick out one that works best for you!