Hi! My name is Aaron and I'm one of the faces behind NATIVE RANGE! We're a small family owned business. My wife Jen and our three beautiful kids live in Springfield Missouri, and together, along with wonderful customers like you, we are building a dream called Native Range. What was once a small shop operating out of our garage back in 2016 has grown into a team of 7 and a 4,000 square foot workshop, with over 10,000 sales. More than ever we are focused on crafting high quality, durable, attractive home goods, and providing AMAZING customer service. When you buy from us you're supporting a family, and you're building a dream. We're grateful. Thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out ablack@nativerange.com 

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about us
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Original Welcome Sign
3 ft. x 5 in.
4 ft. x 6 in.
5 ft. x 7 in.
5 ft. x 10 in.
Add reversible "Christmas" (5 ft. x 10 in.)
Add reversible "Easter" (5 ft. x 10 in.)

Our bestselling sign is the perfect piece. Made in America, this wooden sign features a brown background and white font that reads,”WELCOME.” It is available in four sizes and three styles to make guests feel right at home.

NOTE: As wood is a natural material, each sign can contain slight variations in color and natural markings. All sizes have 5-inch hand-painted letters. We use one of the most expensive and most durable paints available, and we coat every sign with a protective polyurethane finish. It is made from one solid piece of wood.

SIZES: Read our sizes as Height x Width. So if it is a 5' x 10" sign when reading the measurements the first figure is the height, so 5 feet, and the second number is the width, so 10 inches (technically 9 1/4" in lumber measurements).

CARE: We recommend that you place this sign in a covered location, such as a covered porch area. Like anything exposed to the natural elements (sun, wind, water, etc.) it will wear.

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Bathroom Shelf
Bathroom Shelf
Coat Rack with Shelf
Coat Rack with Shelf
Coat Rack with Cubbies
Coat Rack with Cubbies
Rustic Shelf with Hooks
Rustic Shelf with Hooks

Native Range

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Getting Ready for the Big Day

We make A LOT of signs but every one of them gets its own individual attention in preparation for its big day, the day it arrives on your doorstep. Here I’m doing those all important hand detailed touch ups, getting everything just right.


America, more organized one shelf at a time.

Installing the hooks on this organizer. Can’t wait to send it to it’s new home, where we know it’ll make someone’s life a little more organized :)


We're on a mission.

Time to get staining and painting! These shelves quickly became one of our best selling items. Each one requires an 8 step process, with a final check for quality. Then it’s off to you!