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      A Place Called Home - Your Native Range

      Caring for Your Beautiful New Sign

      Here at Native Range, we pride ourselves on making sure you receive the best quality product in the best condition! We go above and beyond with our craftsmanship and care so that you can relax and enjoy your new sign. For your convenience though, we wanted to put all the information you may need HERE!

      The steps we take for you!

      1. We use an oil based stain and durable outdoor paint.
      2. We coat our products with poly, however we do not apply it heavily as it darkens over time and will discolor the white letters on the sign.
      3. We use a water based poly on our signs instead because it doesn't discolor as badly as a petroleum based product. (The poly is also matte so you don’t have to worry about a really shiny glaze on it) 

      Care tips for you!

      1. If your sign is in a covered location out of direct sunlight or moisture (like a covered porch), it should last a very long time without much extra help other than the occasional dusting.
      2. If your sign is going to receive direct sunlight or moisture we recommend a can of Helmsman Spar Urethane to spray on it every 6 months or so. The spray is preferable to a wipe on product so you’re not dragging dust or stain pigment over the lighter colored letters which may discolor them. The spar provides UV protection from fading, as well as moisture protection. (It is found at most hardware stores for around $10 in the paint and stain section!)


      Searching for a Peloton accessory?

      Searching for a Peloton accessory?

      Keeping all you need within arm’s length.

      2020 was full of so many changes. Work looked different, school looked different, and working out looked different. What could you always count on though? Home. Home quickly became the hub for everything. It become the office, the classroom, the gym, and everything in between.

      If you are anything like me, working out was my safe haven during 2020. Before COVID-19 I had a gym membership, but that quickly went away when all everything started closing down. With quick thinking I bought a Peloton bike, rearranged some things, and created a home gym. I was skeptical of the new set-up, but I ended up falling in love with it. If you do not own a Peloton bike, I 100% recommend getting one. It makes working out enjoyable.

      With that being said, it is important to invest in your workout space so that it is a place you look forward to being. It is hard to love working out at home if it is unorganized and you do not like the way it looks and feels. Towels strung everywhere, water bottles on the floor, and no place to put your shoes is not the way to go.

      The best way to fix that?

      Maybe you thought, “I could use a Peloton shelf”. It is the perfect addition to any workout room and has been a life saver. It keeps anything and everything you need within arm’s reach while making the space neat and organized. This Peloton accessory was designed to be functional, organized, and aesthetic all at the same time (not to mention is comes in brown, black, pine, and gray to match many different styles).                                                                                            Everything has a place, and it keeps gear perfectly staged for your next workout. 

      I hung the shelf right next to my bike so that during my workout I can easily reach a towel to wipe off sweat, my water bottle, or my phone. I do not have to stop in the middle of my workout and get off the bike to access any of these items. We all know when you stop mid work out, it is hard to get motivation to begin again. Then after I am done with my workout, I put everything in its place. It keeps things off the floor and organized.

      It has really become a space that I love to be and am proud of. I don’t have to worry about people seeing my “messy workout room” because the Peloton inspired wall shelf keeps everything together and organized. Invest in your workout room, it will be worth it. Who knows, it may just become your favorite space in the house.

      Decorating around or with your new Peloton

      Decorating around or with your new Peloton

      2020 may have been the year we'll always remember as "the year of COVID" but it was also the year of Peloton and at home subscription exercise. 

      Last year we witnessed a huge increase in the number of people using subscription exercise services, like Peloton and iFit. With platforms like Peloton comes exercise equipment, and with equipment comes the need to figure out how it fits into your living space. 

      As attractive as some people may find an indoor cycle to be it often just doesn't fit the look we're going for. Unless you have a dedicated home gym space it's probable that you have placed your bike or tread in your master bedroom, garage, basement or spare guest room. 

      If it's in a living space you've likely had to concede that there's just no plausible way to make it "fit" or "compliment" the decor of whatever room it's in. 

      On top of this challenge is that no matter where it's at you've probably got extra gear laying around nearby, and maybe Peloton accessories or peloton apparel you'd like to keep organized. If you're like a lot of folks maybe you've got your cycling shoes, water bottles, towels and whatever else laying around the feet or behind your bike or treadmill. You're in need of a peloton shelf or peloton organizer

      That challenge is why we developed an organizer to help get those items off your floor and organized so you have your peloton gear stored in a way that will keep it in good condition and in a place that's easy to access when you're ready. 

      Check out this shelf designed and made by Native Range to help you get those peloton accessories or other workout gear organized: