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      A Place Called Home - Your Native Range — front porch welcome sign

      Native Range Welcome Signs: Timeless Appeal Over Mass-Produced Alternatives

      Native Range Welcome Signs: Timeless Appeal Over Mass-Produced Alternatives

      When it comes to welcoming visitors into your home, the sentiment has a profound impact. But how you convey that welcome is equally significant. For years, welcome signs have been a staple of the home décor industry, evoking a sense of warmth and hospitality. 

      In this article, we'll explore why the original native range welcome signs, known for their quality, craftsmanship, and history, remain a cut above the rest, even in the face of cheaper, more convenient alternatives.

      Differentiation from Big Box Store Signs

      Quality of Materials

      Big-box retailers stock an array of welcome signs, typically made from plastic or particle board. While these materials may cut costs, they certainly don't offer the same longevity or aesthetic quality one can find in a solid wood sign, particularly when it comes to the weather resilience and durability that an outdoor sign demands.


      The location of production isn't just a geographical detail; it's a testament to the value of local industry. Native range welcome signs are still proudly made in the USA. This not only circumvents the ethical and environmental concerns often associated with products made in China but also ensures that craftsmanship stays close to home.


      There's a timelessness to the design of native range welcome signs. Each one seems to tell a story of the land, with designs often reflecting the local flora, fauna, or cultural motifs. In stark contrast, the designs of big-box store signs are often generic and fail to capture the nuance of a specific region.

      Value Proposition for Home Decorators

      Durability and Longevity

      A Native Range welcome sign is not just a piece of décor; it's an investment in something that can withstand the test of time. Solid wood, properly treated against the elements, can outlast plastic or particle board many times over.

      Unique Aesthetic Appeal

      The beauty of a native range welcome sign lies in its uniqueness; no two signs are exactly alike due to the variations in wood grain and handcrafted details. This individuality adds character to your home that can never be replicated by a mass-produced alternative.

      Supporting Local Craftsmanship

      Choosing a native range welcome sign is a vote for the local economy and small businesses. This support ensures that traditional craftsmanship and skills remain viable and valued. It also supports a cycle where the money earned is likely to be reinvested back into the local community.

      Supporting Small Business

      When you buy a native range sign you are buying from a business that typically employs a small team that typically pays higher wages and provides more benefits than the warehouse style jobs at the big box stores. These businesses often are significant donors to local charities and events. They are literally your neighbor when you shop with them

      In the face of globalization and the rise of big-box retailers, the enduring popularity of native range welcome signs speaks volumes about the preferences of today's home decorators. It's not just about the sign itself; it's about the story it tells of the land and the community. It's about the quality that lasts, not just for a season, but for years. And it's about making a choice to support what's local and authentic over what's mass-produced and commoditized.

      For those in search of more than just a greeting at the door, a native range welcome sign is a beacon of heritage and craftsmanship that cannot be replicated by its synthetic, overseas-made counterparts. In your next home décor decision, don't just consider the cost—consider the value. Consider the footprint you wish to leave, not just in your threshold, but in the broader marketplace. Your welcome sign should not only welcome guests into your home but also into the rich tapestry of local industry and artisanship that your community has to offer.

      Home decorators, take note—and take pride in the pieces that truly reflect the richness of your surroundings and the values you hold dear.

      The Heartwarming Story of a Welcome Sign

      The Heartwarming Story of a Welcome Sign

      It's the most wonderful time of the year again, and with it comes the season of entertaining guests and loved ones. And what better way to add that festive and welcoming touch to your home than by having a welcome sign displayed on your front porch? Today, we want to share with you the heartwarming story of a welcome sign that made its way onto a front porch, welcoming all visitors with open arms.

      It all started with a family who were excitedly preparing for their annual holiday dinner. They had invited all their family and friends over and had spent weeks planning the perfect meal, decorations, and entertainment. As the big day approached, they realized that something was missing. They wanted to make sure their guests felt welcome and loved from the moment they walked up to the door.

      That's when they decided to purchase a welcome sign and place it on their front porch. The sign was beautifully crafted, with bold letters that read "Welcome to Our Home." They placed it right by the front door so that everyone could see it, and waited patiently for everyone to arrive.

      As guests started to arrive, they all walked past the welcome sign, and the family couldn't help but notice how it seemed to light up the faces of everyone who saw it. The sign became a conversation starter- everyone wanted to know where it came from, how it was made, and what it meant to the family.

      As the evening went on, the family noticed how the welcome sign seemed to work its magic on everyone who came through their door. It was as if the sign was an invitation, saying "Come on in, you're welcome here!" The sign made everyone feel at home and created an atmosphere of warmth and love.

      Even long after the holidays had come and gone, the welcome sign remained on the front porch, continuing to welcome all visitors. It became a part of the family, a cherished item that reminded them of the power of welcome and hospitality.

      In today's fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget the importance of taking the time to make people feel welcome and loved. But the story of the welcome sign shows that just a simple gesture can make a profound impact on the people around us. So, whether it's with a sign, a smile, or a warm hug, let's all remember to make those around us feel welcome and cherished. And if you're looking for the perfect way to add that touch of warmth to your home, check out our collection of beautiful welcome signs. We make them, and you can give them a home!

      The Perfect Combo: The Elements of Front Door Decor

      The Perfect Combo: The Elements of Front Door Decor

      As the saying goes, the first impression lasts. It is what people always remember, thus it is important to make it a lasting one. Your front door is the entrance to your home, it is the first thing people see and the last thing they remember. This is why it is essential to make it look welcoming and inviting, and what better way to do that than with the perfect combination of front door decor elements. In this blog post, we will provide you with tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect door mat, wreath, lantern, and one of our classic solid wood welcome signs.

      Door Mat
      The first thing that welcomes guests to your home is your door mat. It is one of the essential elements of front door decor. It is important to choose a door mat that represents your style, personality, and the season. During the summer months, choose a colorful and vibrant door mat with fun patterns and designs. During the winter, it is best to go with a more neutral and sophisticated style to make your guests feel warm and comfortable.

      Another essential element of front door decor is the wreath. It is a perfect way to add a touch of charm to your front door. With endless possibilities, you can choose from a variety of wreaths such as traditional green leaf wreaths, floral wreaths, or even a boho-chic style wreaths. Add in some personal touches such as berries, pinecones, or even little pumpkins depending on the season.

      A lantern is a perfect accessory to add to your front door decor. It can add a sophisticated and elegant touch to your home. Choose a lantern that matches your style and coordinates well with the other elements of your decor. You can either go for simple and minimalist designs or go for a more elaborate and details one depending on your taste.

      Solid Wood Welcome Signs
      Lastly, a classic solid wood welcome sign is one of the most popular choices. It is a perfect way to greet your guests and give them a warm welcome. It is a versatile and timeless piece that can complement any decor style. Our classic solid wood welcome signs can be customized to match your style and personality. Plus, they are made from high-quality wood, making them durable and long-lasting.

      In conclusion, the perfect combination of front door decor elements includes a door mat, wreath, lantern, and solid wood welcome sign. Choose elements that reflect your style, personality, and the season. Remember, the front door is the first impression of your home, so make it unforgettable with the perfect combination of front door decor elements.

      Why Brown is the Perfect Color for Your Wood Welcome Sign

      Why Brown is the Perfect Color for Your Wood Welcome Sign

      When it comes to designing your front porch, a welcome sign is the perfect way to add a personal touch and create an inviting atmosphere for your guests. One of the most challenging decisions you might face when designing your welcome sign is choosing the perfect color. While there are plenty of trendy colors to choose from, brown is a classic color that is timeless and pairs well with many other colors.

      In this blog post, we will be discussing why brown is the perfect color choice for your wooden welcome sign for the front porch. We will also explore the colors that pair well with brown to help you create a color scheme that reflects your personality and style.

      Brown is a classic color that never goes out of style. It exudes warmth, simplicity, and rustic charm that can transform your front porch into an inviting space. Using brown for your wooden welcome sign will bring warmth to your entryway, making it feel more approachable and welcoming.

      Brown also pairs well with many other colors, making it a versatile color option that can complement many different design styles. One popular color combination is brown and black, which creates a classic and sophisticated look. If you prefer a bright and vibrant palette, consider teaming brown with hot pink, turquoise, or electric blue.

      For a more nature-inspired palette, consider pairing brown with green, beige, or gray. This color combination is perfect for those looking to create a calming and relaxing environment. Earthy tones of brown also complement metallic finishes such as copper, silver, and brass, giving your welcome sign an extra touch of elegance.

      Another reason why brown is an ideal color for your wooden welcome sign is that it works seamlessly with various design styles. Whether you have a rustic, traditional, or modern front porch, incorporating brown to your welcome sign can add depth and character to your home's overall design aesthetic.

      Moreover, brown wood stain is the perfect finishing touch for its durability. It can withstand the outdoor elements, making it a practical choice, especially for those living in humid or tropical regions. Maintaining its natural wood color will also save you the expense of frequent repainting or refinishing.

      In conclusion, selecting brown as the color for your wooden welcome sign for the front porch is the perfect choice to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Being a classic color, it pairs well with many different color combinations, design styles, and matches perfectly with natural wood finishes. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional design aesthetic, incorporating brown to your welcome sign can add depth and character to your space. Ultimately, choosing brown signifies a timeless design choice that will give you and your guests a warm welcome every time.

      Welcome-Ish: The Perfect Solid Wood Welcome Sign with a Twist

      Welcome-Ish: The Perfect Solid Wood Welcome Sign with a Twist

      Nothing sets a more inviting tone for your home than a welcome sign hanging on your front porch. But why go with the traditional "welcome" when you can add a little humor to your entrance with our solid wood welcome-ish sign? This funny variation of the classic welcome sign is perfect for those who want something a little different and unique. Made from high-quality solid wood, our welcome-ish sign is the perfect addition to any porch or entryway. In this blog post, we'll discuss how our welcome-ish sign can add a touch of humor to your home’s entrance and make your guests smile.

      Quality Materials
      Our welcome-ish sign is made from premium quality solid wood which ensures durability and longevity. The wood is carefully sourced and selected to ensure that it will hold up to all types of wear and tear, from extreme weather conditions to daily use. Plus, the solid wood material adds an earthy feel to your entrance that looks great with any type of decor style.

      Funny and Inviting Message
      The message on our welcome-ish sign is what sets it apart from other welcome signs. Instead of the standard "welcome" message, this sign is stamped with the word "welcome-ish." This unique message adds a playful and humorous touch to your home entrance. It also creates a relaxed, casual atmosphere that makes your guests feel right at home.

      Versatile Decor Piece
      The welcome-ish sign is a versatile decor piece that can be hung on any type of door, wall, or surface. You can easily customize it to fit your decor style by painting or staining the wood to match your home's exterior or interior. The sign's dimensions are 5.5 inches by 24 inches, making it the perfect size for any entrance or wall space.

      Makes for a Great Gift
      Looking for the perfect gift for a housewarming party or newlyweds? Our welcome-ish sign makes for a great gift for any occasion. It's unique, funny and is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Plus, the high-quality materials ensure it will be a cherished gift that lasts a lifetime.

      In conclusion, our solid wood welcome-ish sign is the perfect addition to any home's entrance. It's made from high-quality materials, has a funny and inviting message, is versatile, makes for a great gift, and is easy to display. Plus, it will add a touch of humor and uniqueness to your home's exterior that will make your guests smile. So, why settle for a traditional welcome sign when you can add a touch of humor with our welcome-ish sign? Order yours today and welcome your guests in style!

      Welcome Your Back to School Routine with a Stunning Front Porch Look

      Welcome Your Back to School Routine with a Stunning Front Porch Look

      It's that time of the year again when students have to wave goodbye to the summer season and embrace the upcoming academic year. As a homeowner and perhaps a parent, you can make this transition less overwhelming by creating a beautiful and inviting front porch to set a cheerful mood for everyone, especially your school-going kids. One of the best ways to give your front porch an appealing new look is by investing in a solid wood welcome sign with a wreath accent. Let's explore how you can use this simple decor piece to make a statement and upgrade your curb appeal.

      Make a Statement with the Right Color Combo
      A solid wood welcome sign with a wreath accent is an ideal combination for upgrading your front porch. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that this decor piece's colors complement your home's exterior color scheme. It's a good idea to settle for either dark or light paint colors, depending on the colors in your home's facade. Dark stained wood pairs well with pale greens, cream whites, or light gray. Also, light-stained wood goes well with vibrant reds, blues, or yellows.

      Choose the Right Wreath
      A wreath of greens and other natural elements can work well with any decor style. A wreath made of eucalyptus, daisies, mint leaves, or lavender can enhance the sign's beauty and give the perfect finishing touch. Alternatively, if you want to channel the back to school mood, you can get creative by adding pencils, crayons, or related school equipment to the wreath to reflect the season's spirit.

      Personalize Your Sign for a Unique Touch
      If you're looking to add a personal touch to your sign, you can customize it to suit your style. You can add your family's name, a fun quote, or a favorite saying on the board to make it more meaningful to you and your loved ones. Reach out to us about our custom signs at 

      Play around with the Placement
      Once you have your solid wood welcome sign with a wreath accent, you can get creative about where to place it on your porch. You can center it on the door, hang it beside the door, or use it as a freestanding decor if you have enough space. Placing the sign next to porch furniture or a potted plant can also make it look more elegant and chic.

      With a welcoming and inviting front porch, you can kick off the back to school season in the right mood. A solid wood welcome sign with a wreath accent can significantly improve your curb appeal, giving your guests or passersby an impressionable statement. Regardless of your style or taste, these decor pieces can blend seamlessly into your existing porch decor, making your home beautiful and inviting. Use these five handy tips and make an unforgettable statement with your solid wood welcome sign with a wreath accent today!