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      Elevate Your Home with Handmade Solid Wood Wine Racks

      Elevate Your Home with Handmade Solid Wood Wine Racks

      If you appreciate fine craftsmanship or you are a wine enthusiast then you will love the solid wood wine racks we make by hand in our Ozark workshop. Each piece is handcrafted from high-quality solid wood sourced from Arkansas and Mississippi. We designed our wine racks so you could display your favorite wines and store your beautiful stemware.

      Exquisite Craftsmanship

      Our wine racks are more than just functional pieces; they are works of craftsmanship. We make each one from carefully selected solid wood, so that each rack boasts a natural beauty of wood grain. The rich textures and unique patterns of the wood make each piece one-of-a-kind, ensuring that your wine rack is a true statement piece.

      Functional Design

      We understand that a great wine rack should be both beautiful and practical. That's why our designs include:

      • Stemware Holders: Convenient slots to securely hold your wine glasses, keeping them easily accessible and safe from damage.
      • Bottle Shelf: A sturdy shelf that provides ample space for your wine bottles, ensuring they are stored horizontally to keep the corks moist and the wine preserved.
      • Decorative Shelf: An additional shelf that is perfect for small décor items, allowing you to personalize your wine rack and make it a part of your home’s décor.

      Durable and Protective Finish

      To ensure our wine racks stand the test of time, each piece is coated with a layer of polyurethane. This not only provides a beautiful gloss finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also offers protection against spills, stains, and daily wear and tear. The poly coating makes cleaning easy, allowing you to maintain the pristine look of your wine rack with minimal effort.

      Perfect for Any Space

      Whether you have a dedicated wine cellar, a cozy corner in your kitchen, or a stylish bar area, our wine racks are designed to fit seamlessly into any space. The versatile design and classic wood finish complement a wide range of interior styles, from rustic farmhouse to modern chic.

      Why Choose Our Wine Racks?

      • Quality Materials: We use only the finest solid wood, ensuring durability and a timeless look.
      • Handcrafted: Each wine rack is handmade with attention to detail, reflecting our commitment to excellence.
      • Customization: We offer customization options to meet your specific needs and preferences.
      • Customer Satisfaction: Our goal is to provide products that our customers love and cherish for years to come.


      Our solid wood wine racks are the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, making them a must-have for any wine lover. Enhance your home, showcase your wine collection, and enjoy the beauty of handcrafted woodwork with our premium wine racks. Visit our website or contact us today to find the perfect wine rack for your home. Cheers to great wine and beautiful living spaces!


      Kitchen Decor Trends 1950's to today

      Kitchen Decor Trends 1950's to today

      At Native Range we're always thinking about home decor trends, and where things are haeaded. It helps us design and create innovative products that are in line with what the consumer wants. Of course, over the years kitchen decor has changed quite a bit. Kitchens 100 years ago were unrecognizable by today's standards. Purely functional spaces tucked away from the home's heart, they relied on basic appliances, furniture for storage, and limited counter space. Even running water wasn't a sure thing! These kitchens were all about practicality in a world with far fewer conveniences.

      Since then our kitchens have become central gathering places in our homes, are filled with electronic conveniences, and are much more than just functional spaces. Let's take a trip down memory lane and explore the biggest kitchen decor trends for the past five decades, and look at the hottest trends of the 2020's. 

      Like all home decor, changes in kitchen decor are driven by cultural and technological shifts. As women entered the workforce, kitchens became more efficient with open floor plans. Economic booms fueled trends like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, while environmental concerns led to a focus on natural materials. New materials like Formica allowed for bolder design choices, and smart technology is now being integrated to create a more connected kitchen experience.

      Perhaps you recall Rooster Figurines from your grandmas kitchen? These ceramic or porcelain figurines were a common sight on kitchen shelves or countertops. They might be brightly colored, hand-painted, or feature kitschy details. They were popular from the 20's to the 70's. It was a time when kitchens were often going for a Farmhouse Aesthetic. These figurines were mass produced, which made it easier for people to incorporate these decorative elements into their kitchens. The period between the World Wars and the post-war era saw a desire for bright and cheerful aesthetics in homes. The rooster's bold colors and lively image fit this optimistic mood.

      Kitchen design in the 1950s and 1960s reflected the era's optimism and focus on technology. Functionality was key for the modern housewife, with dishwashers becoming a must-have. Aesthetics leaned towards cheerful colors like pastel pink and turquoise. Even the materials embraced the new age, with laminates and vinyl offering affordability alongside pops of metallic accents that hinted at a futuristic style. As the 60s rolled in, bolder colors like avocado green emerged, alongside lighter wood finishes for cabinets.

      Let's take a look at the dominate kitchen decor trends for the last 50 years, since the 60's. 

      1970s: Think harvest vibes! This decade was all about warm and cozy kitchens. Wood reigned supreme, with natural finishes and textures like knotty pine for cabinets. Appliances often hid behind cabinet panels for a streamlined look. Counter tops were earthy, featuring materials like ceramic tile and butcher block. And yes, the rooster motif was definitely a popular decorative element!

      1980s: Boldness took center stage. Kitchens embraced bright colors, often in high-gloss finishes. Think cherry red cabinets, teal countertops, and black appliances. Stainless steel also started to gain popularity. Formica made a comeback, but with more geometric patterns.

      The 1980s kitchen cabinet scene was all about a bold departure from the earthy tones of the 70s and a move towards a sleek, modern aesthetic. Here are the key trends for 80s kitchen cabinets. Gone were the harvest golds and burnt oranges. Teal, a vibrant blue-green, emerged as a popular choice, often in high-gloss finishes. Other trendy colors included white, black, and even cherry red. Laminate, a cost-effective and durable material was widely used for both cabinet doors and countertops. The high-gloss finishes helped accentuate the bold colors popular in the 80s.

      1990s: A shift towards a more timeless look emerged. Neutral palettes dominated, with white and cream cabinets becoming a staple. Granite countertops became the new status symbol, often in dark colors to add contrast. The shabby chic aesthetic also found a home in kitchens, with distressed wood finishes and vintage accents.

      2000s: The era of McMansions brought about a focus on grand kitchens. Open floor plans became trendy, with large islands offering additional prep space and seating. Stainless steel appliances became a must-have, and homeowners opted for sleek and modern finishes.

      2010s: Minimalism took hold. Kitchens prioritized clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. Gray and white color schemes dominated, with pops of color added through backsplashes or artwork. Natural materials like wood and stone remained popular, but with a more modern twist.


      The biggest trend in 2020's kitchen décor revolves around functionality and personalization, with a focus on these key areas:

        • Smart technology integration: Appliances that can be controlled remotely, refrigerators that keep track of groceries and expiry dates, and smart lighting are becoming increasingly popular.

        • A move away from all-white kitchens: While white kitchens remain attractive, there's a growing interest in warmer tones and pops of color for cabinetry and backsplashes. Blue and green hues are particularly trendy.

        • Two-toned cabinets: Combining light and dark colored cabinets adds visual interest and can make a space feel more spacious.

        • Textured surfaces: Think matte finishes, subway tiles with a handmade look, and unboring countertops made from quartz or soapstone.

        • Open shelving: This gives the kitchen a light and airy feel, but it requires keeping things organized and clutter-free. The wine shelves at Native Range are perfect for this trendy decor style. 

      • Personalized storage solutions: Built-in organizers, pull-out drawers, and hidden compartments help maximize storage space and keep the kitchen functional.

      Kitchen trends of the 2030's

      Kitchens of the 2030s are likely to be a blend of high-tech functionality and a focus on health and well-being. Imagine voice-controlled appliances, personalized cooking suggestions, an Ai menu, nutrition and recipe assistant, and maybe even holographic recipe guides. Sustainability might be a priority, with homegrown herbs or features that extend the life of fresh produce. The kitchen itself could become a multi-functional hub for work, socializing, and relaxation, with adaptable layouts and hidden appliances when not in use. The future kitchen might even cater to mental well-being with calming design elements and personalized features.

      Staying Timeless

      While trends may come and go, achieving a timeless kitchen is all about smart choices. Opt for natural materials that age well, like wood cabinets and stone countertops. Stick to a neutral color palette for walls and cabinets, with pops of color coming from easily changeable elements like decor. Classic design elements like shaker-style cabinets and clean lines ensure your kitchen won't look dated. Invest in high-quality construction for long-lasting functionality. Most importantly, design your kitchen for how you use it, prioritizing a smooth workflow. Finally, personalize your space with timeless touches that reflect your style, like vintage lighting or heirloom pieces. By focusing on these principles, you can create a kitchen that's both beautiful and trendy for years to come.


      Storing More Than Vino: Elevating Your Home Decor with Dedicated Liquor Shelves

      Storing More Than Vino: Elevating Your Home Decor with Dedicated Liquor Shelves

      In an era where the American palate is diversifying beyond wine, agave spirits like tequila and mezcal have cut a swathe through the drinking world, marking their territory in home bars and hearts. With the growing popularity of these fiery yet nuanced liquors, the need for a storage and display solution that marries both functionality and aesthetics has never been more in vogue. Here at Native Range, we're not just about wine—we're about enhancing your drinking experience and bolstering the elegance of your home through our artisanal liquor shelves, crafted to showcase more than just your favorite vintage. Whether a collector, a connoisseur, or a dedicated home entertainer, our tailor-made liquor storage units redefine the space of libations in your home, providing an ideal stage for your spirits collection.

      The Rise of Agave Spirits in American Drinking Culture

      In recent years, the incursion of tequila and mezcal into mainstream American social libation is undeniable. These agave-based elixirs, once reserved for a certain niche, have seen a meteoric rise in popularity, becoming the fastest-growing spirit category in the United States. From craft cocktails to sipping neat, displaying bottles of these prestigious spirits is not just a trend but a testament to the refinement and global inclusiveness of contemporary home drinking culture.

      Showcasing More Than Your Wines

      For too long, the term 'wine rack' has been a literal interpretation in the decor domain, pigeonholing it in utility and design. At Native Range, we have disrupted this notion, designing a range of liquor shelves and racks that elevate the functionality of storing alcohol beyond just wine. Our bar shelf and wine rack in our collection is a versatile canvas, perfect for showcasing a plethora of spirits in a way that is both organized and visually stunning. Gone are the days of liquor cabinets tucked away in a corner; the modern agave aficionado knows the value of a good display.

      Unveiling Our Collection of Liquor Racks and Shelves

      Our line of liquor shelves is not just about housing your spirits; it is an extension of your home's character. Crafted from the finest materials and available in an array of designs, our collection offers both a touch of modern sensibility and a nod to classic elegance. From minimalist, wall-mounted shelves that maximize space, to grand, standalone racks that become the focal point of the room—our pieces are as diverse as they are beautiful.

      Solid Design, Premium Functionality

      Each of our liquor shelves is engineered to store your spirits safely. The shelves are constructed with durability in mind, ensuring they can bear the weight of your collection.

      Styling Your Spirits Sanctuary

      The arrangement of your liquor shelf is a reflection of your personal taste and the ambiance you wish to convey. With our diverse range of designs, stylizing your spirits sanctuary is a creative endeavor that is only limited by your imagination.

      Curation is Key

      Think of your spirits shelf as an art gallery—the bottles are your masterpieces. Careful curation of your collection can offer a myriad of visual delights, from varying bottle shapes and colors to unique labels and exclusive editions.

      Adding a Personal Touch

      Incorporating accessories like customized bottle stoppers, elegant glasses, and thematic backdrops can enhance the overall display. Personal items that hold sentimental value also add soul to the setup, making it more than a display but a narrative of your drinking adventures.

      The winds of change in American drinking culture have steered us towards a more comprehensive appreciation of fine spirits. Displaying and savoring agave-based drinks in the comfort of our homes is not just a fad but a manifestation of an evolving society that values quality and diversity. A dedicated liquor shelf from Native Range is not just a piece of furniture; it is a facilitator of refined living, a statement of sophistication, and an organizer of your spirited passions.

      Ingrid are the collection of liquor shelves and pack out of looking at remember that at Native Range. Your spirits are worth showcasing, protecting, and serving in a manner that is befitting of their stature. Whether you are a novice looking to make a stylish foray into the agave world or a seasoned aficionado in need of a new display solution, we invite you to peruse our shelves. Visit our store to experience the confluence of form and function, and take the next step in curating a life that is as elegant as it is spirited.

      Small Wine Rack: The Ultimate Space-Saving Solution for Wine Lovers

      Small Wine Rack: The Ultimate Space-Saving Solution for Wine Lovers

      Wine enthusiasts often face a delightful conundrum — how to store and display their prized bottles and stemware in a manner that's both elegant and efficient. In homes where space is a premium, this presents a unique challenge. Enter the small wine rack — the saving grace for anyone looking to cherish their wine collection without sacrificing too much space. These compact storage solutions offer not only utility but also an opportunity for a subtle display of your favorite varietals and glasses.

      The Advantages of a Compact Wine Rack

      Clever Space Management

      In homes or apartments where every inch counts, traditional wine storage solutions often fail to fit the bill. Small wine racks, on the other hand, are designed to slide into tight spaces — between cupboards, under counters, or even as a table or countertop accessory. These ingenious designs maximize storage potential in the most compact of layouts, ensuring that every drop of space is utilized effectively.

      Stemware and Bottle Organization

      A small wine rack is more than just a place to keep your bottles. It's a way to curate and manage your wine collection with precision. Many models come equipped with dedicated slots for bottles and sleek hooks for hanging stemware, keeping everything from your Merlot to your Pinot Noir neatly arranged and easily accessible. No more rummaging through cluttered cabinets — with a small wine rack, everything has its place.

      Subtle and Stylish Display

      For the discerning wine lover, the ability to showcase their collection is as important as the storage itself. Small wine racks manage to accomplish both tasks with aplomb. Their unobtrusive designs mean they can fit into any room without overpowering the decor, while the attractive display they offer ensures that your wines are always ready for both presentation and pour.

      Craftsmanship in Compact Form

      Many small wine racks are crafted from high-quality solid wood that not only ensures durability but also adds a touch of sophistication to your interior. These handmade pieces often come in a variety of wood types and finishes, allowing you to select a rack that complements your home's aesthetic, whether it's a rustic farmhouse, a cozy cottage, or a sleek modern space.

      The Compact Companion for Wine Connoisseurs

      Small wine racks are a standout choice for wine lovers who value space, organization, and aesthetic appeal. Their compact designs belie their substantial storage capabilities, and their versatility ensures they can meet the specific needs of any collection. By optimizing your online content and product listings, you can attract and engage customers looking for this sophisticated yet practical storage solution.

      For an enhanced wine experience that fits perfectly into your home, a small wine rack is the ideal investment. Whether you're a casual enthusiast or a dedicated sommelier, take advantage of the space-saving benefits and stylish display options that these compact racks offer. Start shopping today and discover the perfect small wine rack for you.

      Handmade Artisanal Crafted Wine Racks

      Handmade Artisanal Crafted Wine Racks

      In the world of standardized, mass-produced goods, there's a charm and quality associated with handmade products that simply cannot be matched. For home decor specialists, sourcing artisanal items such as high-quality wine racks can become part of offering unique value – speaking volumes about taste, sustainability, and supporting local craftsmanship. Here, we explore the reasons why a wine rack, handcrafted from solid wood by a small shop in the American Midwest called Native Range, should be the next addition to your curated list of procurement assets.

      The Allure of High-Quality Craftsmanship

      In a time where "fast furniture" floods the market, the call for well-crafted, durable products is louder than ever. Wine racks made by seasoned artisans reflect a commitment to quality that stands the test of time. The attention to detail, from the selection of wood to the final finish, ensures each piece is not only functional but also a work of art that adds an air of distinction wherever placed.

      Unique Design as a Statement Piece

      Handmade artisanal wine racks bring an element of exclusivity. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, each rack boasts a unique character. A home decorator knows the value of distinctiveness – how a unique piece can set the ambiance and brand identity of a hospitality or retail space.

      Durability and Longevity: The Gift That Keeps Giving

      Investing in a solid wood wine rack means committing to a product that endures. Far from the flimsy, short-lived products that litter the market, these wine racks are built to last, making them a smart purchase financially and environmentally.

      Sourcing with Native Range: Tradition Meets Modern Needs

      Imagine a small workshop where artisans have honed their craft over years, creating handcrafted items that blend tradition with modern design. Native Range takes pride in its years-long experience in woodworking, with each wine rack exuding the warmth only solid wood can offer. Furthermore, they understand the needs of businesses, offering bulk order discounts – a boon for savvy procurement professionals.

      Variety to Match Every Taste

      With a selection that includes various sizes and color stain options, the wine racks cater to diverse aesthetic preferences. For those seeking a more personalized touch, customization is an encouraging option – a dedicated reach out process allows for a tailor-made product aligning with your specific requirements.

      Proven Design, Trusted by Many

      The testament to the wine rack’s success lies in the numbers sold and the stellar reviews it's garnered. As one of America's best-selling handcrafted wine rack designs, it's a proven choice for those looking to make no compromises in quality and style.

      Wrapping Up: Why Choose Handmade Artisanal Wine Racks

      Whether for a high-end restaurant, a new home, a new winery, or a corporate gifting program, procurement specialists should consider these artisanal wine racks for their unmatched quality, sustainability, and distinctive appeal. It's not just about storing bottles; it's about elevating a space, making a statement about brand values, and investing in craftsmanship meant to last generations. Remember, in an era where everyone seeks to stand out, the beauty of handcrafted items is that no two are ever entirely the same - much like the finest wines they're destined to hold.

      Home Decor trends - Natural Shades for Home Decor: Going Back to Basics

      Home Decor trends - Natural Shades for Home Decor: Going Back to Basics

      Home decor trends come and go, but natural colors have been a consistent favorite for the past few years. Many people are drawn to the soothing and tranquil ambiance that these organic hues bring to a living space. Incorporating earthy tones can make a room feel more welcoming, serene, and relaxing. The best part? You don't have to break the bank to give your home a more natural look and feel. Here are some tips on how to bring the outdoors in and create a haven of tranquility in your home.

      Start with a Neutral Base:
      When going for a natural, earthy look, start with a neutral palette, preferably white or cream or perhaps something in natural wood tones like the pictured wine rack. These tones provide a clean and fresh canvas and make the natural colors pop. Keep in mind that neutrals do not have to be sterile; they can have dimensions and texture to them. Layering textures like linen, wool, and cotton in natural colors can create a calming and cozy vibe.

      Add Pops of Color with Natural Accessories:
      Natural colors like brown, beige, and green are incredibly versatile hues that can be paired with a wide range of other shades. While you may want to stay within a neutral color palette, adding pops of color with natural accessories like plants, flowers, and throw pillows will help break the monotony. Not only do natural elements bring a sense of chic elegance, but they also purify the indoor air and increase oxygen levels, creating a refreshing atmosphere.

      Use Natural Materials:
      Make the most of natural textures and materials like wood, stone, and wool when choosing furniture and decor. If you're on a budget, look at second-hand items made from natural materials that are in good condition. Invest in decor and furniture pieces made from wood, natural linens for your bedding, woolen throw blankets, and jute or hemp rugs for texture. At Native Range we make all of our home decor and home organization items from solid wood. 

      Don't be Afraid to Experiment:
      There are no strict rules to follow when incorporating natural colors in your home. Experiment with different shades, textures, and patterns to find what works best for you. Add contrast, mix, and match prints on your throw pillows, drapes, or wall hanging. Use wooden crates to create storage, and display potted plants or fresh flowers around your living space.

      Incorporating natural colors in your home decor is an affordable and practical way to create a soothing and relaxing living space. It's possible to achieve a stylish and chic look while keeping things organic and eco-friendly. By using neutral bases, natural accessories, sustainable materials, and playing with different textures, you can revamp your living space. Whether you're looking to transform your bedroom, living room or the entire house, natural colors are the way to go; they're versatile, timeless and a reflection of our innate connection to nature.