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      A Place Called Home - Your Native Range

      How to Decorate your Front Porch

      How to Decorate your Front Porch

      When it comes to decorating your front porch, it can seem overwhelming at first. This is the first thing people see when coming to your home, so you want it to look inviting and welcoming. We have made it easy to find the perfect way to decorate your front porch with these easy steps!

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      3 Ways to Decorate your New Floating Shelf

      3 Ways to Decorate your New Floating Shelf

      3 Ways to Decorate Your New Floating Shelf

      You’ve just bought yourself a new floating shelf to hang in that empty space on the wall in your home. You’re so excited because you finally filled the void that has been haunting you. But now your question is, how do you decorate this shelf? What do I put on it? The possibilities are endless, but we are here to help. First you need to decide, what room in the house will the shelf be in? That could determine the fate of what your floating shelf has in store. 

    • The Bathroom
    • If you’ve decided that your hanging shelf will be in the bathroom, the most logical thing to store here would be toilet paper. (see photo below) You could also use this as a place to set all of your room sprays, essential oils, candles, etc. This would be a great place to display all of your favorite products. I mean come on, we all know cute packaging plays a big part in our reasoning for buying things nowadays. 

    • The Living Room
    • I understand the pressure involved in decorating a space that is going to be seen by almost everyone that steps foot in your home. This is the heart of the home so you want it to be good. Here are a few things that can help when making the decision of what to add. First of all, you can never go wrong with photos. This gives the area a sentimental feel, while also being decorative. Plants are also a great option to add to your space (real or fake, whatever you prefer). Any kind of plant can really liven up the place and add a pop of color. If you have a specific “theme” or color scheme that you have going in your area, then add some smaller pieces that correspond with the look you are trying to achieve. You can find things like this most likely in any home decor section of a store, so search around to see what fits your space best. 

    • The Office
    • If you’re anything like me, you could use about 12 floating shelves in your office to maximize the storage space. That’s why we have so many different sizes to choose from! Our floating shelves range from 12 inches to 84 inches! There are a lot of different ways that you can use it in your office. This would be a great space to store any books that you may not have a lot of room for or an overflow bookshelf. You can never go wrong with displaying any kind of achievement awards, trophies, degrees, etc. You worked hard for those so show them off! You also can never go wrong with a plant or your favorite scented candle for an extra pick me up.

      If you’re reading this and you don’t have a floating shelf and you’re just here to get inspiration for your upcoming floating shelf, take my advice and order something sturdy that will hold up over time. Our floating shelves here at Native Range are handcrafted with the most quality materials. We always provide our customers with the high quality home décor they deserve. Check out our floating shelves at today! 

      6 Things to Keep on Your Peloton inspired shelf & shoe rack

      6 Things to Keep on Your Peloton inspired shelf & shoe rack

      If there was one thing we could take away from the Pandemic of 2020, it’s that being stuck at home is not all it was hyped up to be. Most of us just wished that we could escape and just go to the gym and have a nice getaway time. That’s why cleaning out that spare bedroom or creating a space in your garage for an at home gym was the best thing that could have happened to our sanity. Here are some ideas to help you organize your home gym space with our Peloton inspired shoe rack.

      If you finally caved and bought yourself a new Peloton bike but have struggled to keep your workout area organized this shelf is for you. Here at Native Range, we have created the perfect organizer to store all of your Peloton accessories. This new wall shelf with hooks has an area on top to store things like towels to wipe your sweat after a good workout, or to hold your water bottle and the best part is that you can mount it near your bike to keep all just a short reach away. The Peloton shoe holder is so convenient to hold your shoes so that they won’t get lost and you will know exactly where they are for your next workout. This shelf makes your workout station functional and leaves it looking organized and cohesive. Check out these 6 Things to Keep on Your New Peloton shoe holder.

      6 Things to Keep on Your New Shoe rack and Shelf


      1. Water!

                  If you’ve ever been on a Peloton bike before, you would know that it gets you tired really 

      quickly! You’ll want to keep up that energy and keep yourself hydrated. 


      1. Towels

                  Towels are a great thing to keep on hand when you’re working out. They also can be a 

      lifesaver if you use a cool damp towel to put around your neck to cool you off after a 

      tough workout.

      1. Your Peloton bike Shoes

      Our shelf is specifically built to hold your peloton shoes. Each has hooks to store your shoes on so that you know where they are for your next exercise. 

      1. Disinfectant Wipes

      Keep your bike clean, dust and sweat free. These are also good to use when wiping off your screen, and use a towel to wipe off any excess cleaner from your screen.

      1. Additional Weights

      Adding weight on your Peloton workout can increase your strength. Having some extra weights on hand is a great way to maximize your strength. Instead of keeping them on the floor, keep them on your new shelf so that they can be within arms reach of you and have easier access. This will keep your home gym more organized and look more organized as well. Your shelf, when mounted correctly is plenty strong enough to hold two 5lb weights.

      1. Your Peloton Accessories

      There’s a lot of neat gadgets, tools, and accessories  you may want to keep handy in your gym or near your exercise bike. Keep them close at hand for convenience. I keep a bottle of dry WD-40’s “Dry Lube” handy. If you’re cycling shoe’s have ever squeaked when you ride it’s a quick and effective solution to stop the squeak.

      There’s plenty more you might want to keep handy; like your phone, a remote control, or even hang some exercise bands from the hooks.

      There’s plenty of challenges you might attempt to tackle during your indoor cycling career. If you’re like me, early on I struggled just to know how to unclip by peloton bike shoes just to get off my bike. Of course, the challenges get more workout oriented, whether it’s the foam rolling classes, the neat artist series, or trying to climb the peloton leader board keeping your gear handy will keep you ready to tackle those challenges and make staying organized as easy as a recovery ride.

      3 Things to Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room in the House

      1. Bathroom Shelf

      Keeping your bathroom organized is key! You are not going to want to spend time in an area that feels chaotic. That is why getting a bathroom shelf is a need, not a want! You want to make sure to look for the two s’s. Sturdiness and style. Make sure you are investing in an organizer that is well made, will last a long time, and will also fit your style. That is why we love our bathroom shelf here at Native Range. It is handmade with quality wood that will hold up even with all the steam from the bathroom. It is also still that simple farmhouse feel so it allows you to still add your own touches to it.


      2. Bathroom Caddy

      This is essential, especially when hosting guests. The worst thing is going over to someone’s house and them running out of toilet paper! The best way to avoid your guests experiencing that trauma, having a designated place to put extras in plain sight. This bathroom caddy is adorable and will fit perfectly on the back of any toilet. It fits up to three extra rolls, but we recommend sprucing it up with a plant or some garland.


      3. Bath Tray

      Everyone needs time for some self-care, but it can be hard to juggle a book, a glass of wine, and your phone over a tub full of water. Make that time a little less stressful by getting a bath tray! It is sure to take your relaxation time to the next level. This one from Native Range has a place for candles, your wine glass, a book or tablet, and table space for anything else you may want within arm’s length.

      Your Guide to a Jaw Dropping Front Porch

      Your Guide to a Jaw Dropping Front Porch

      There is nothing like driving through your neighborhood and looking at all the beautiful front porches. It is so easy to look at those porches and think to yourself, “My porch could never look like that” and “I don’t know how to make my porch look like that”. Well, we are here to make it easy for you. We want to give you some easy tips that can help you turn your front porch into the porch of your dreams.


      First things first, you can’t have a front porch without a welcome mat. We would recommend getting a basic welcome mat that shows a little bit of personality. It can have words, flowers, or a design that best fits you. To really make your welcome mat pop, make sure to layer it with a larger cloth mat underneath. This will take up more space and make it warmer and more inviting. Typically, this cloth mat is larger and patterned with neutral colors.


      The next thing is to make sure that you include are plants and flowers. These will be sure to bring life and a pop of color to your front porch. You can really show some personality with the flowers and plants that you pick. Pro Tip: be sure to make sure that the plant you pick will survive outside as well as be able to tolerate the amount of sun your porch receives.


      To add a little height and make your guests feel welcome, we recommend a wooden welcome sign. We love our wooden welcome signs here at Native Range and are sure we have one that will fit your porch aesthetic. Welcome signs are not only beautiful, but they also add some visual appeal with their height.


      Extra Tip:

      If you have a larger front porch, we also recommend adding a set of matching chairs. Then, find some fun pillows that match your other front porch décor to put on them. This will make the space feel cozy and be the perfect place to go for your morning coffee or evening sweet tea.