Refresh Your Porch in Five Simple Steps

Colletion | Aug 03, 20
Refresh Your Porch in Five Simple Steps

Do you ever see gorgeous front porches and think that you could never make your porch look that pretty? I was once stuck thinking I never had enough time or money to have a beautifully decorated porch. After years in the porch decor industry, I have learned five easy ways to refresh your porch. Let's take a look at my best tips.

Before doing anything, you need to clean the area. From season to season, our front porch collects leaves, cobwebs, and dirt. A little TLC goes a long way. Remove all furniture and decoration to give you a blank slate. 

Once the area is clean, these five tips will make your space feel totally new:

1. Determine your style.
While the farmhouse style is very trendy right now, you may prefer a more traditional or rustic look. Joanna Gaines' book, Homebody, has a great section that helps you identify your home decor style. We love this resource!

2. Cover unsightly areas.
Do you have a crack in concrete or a brick wall that you need to cover until you are able to fix these areas? Hang a sign or cover that area with a bench.

3. Swap out rugs and pillows.
This is an easy way to add color and seasonal touches. For doormats, we like this classic one and this sweet one. For pillows, we like this striped one and this paisley one.

4. Add vertical decor.
We love a quality 
welcome sign or unique tall planters. Finding taller options can be difficult, but it adds so much character to your space.

5. Add personal touches.
Incorporating your last name or initial is a great way to make your porch feel truly yours. Adding your name to a sign or an initial on the door is cute and classic.


Refreshing your porch is not hard at all! Tag us in your porch transformations on Instagram using the hashtag #NativeRange

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