5 Things We Love About Wooden Welcome Signs

Colletion | Jul 03, 20
5 Things We Love About Wooden Welcome Signs

We are obviously huge fans of wooden welcome signs. While there are so many reasons we have devoted our life to these classic decorations, we have narrowed it down to five of our favorite things we love about welcome signs.

1. It’s a classic addition to any porch

Wooden welcome signs are kind of like pearls; they never go out of style! As styles come and go, this sign has remained a staple piece to the decorating industry.

2. The decorating options are endless

Whether it’s angled on the side of a house or hung on the front door, there are so many ways to style this sign.

3. It will last for years

Native Range uses solid wood that is hand painted and sealed with the highest polyurethane on the market. We do recommend that signs are placed on a porch or under an awning so it will not be directly exposed to the elements.

4. Native Range offers customization

Whether it is a family name or a symbol of significance, like a pineapple or paw print, Native Range loves to add personal touches to signs. Simply type your request in your order form to learn more about the endless possibilities.

5. It makes people happy

People simply smile when they see a cheery welcome sign on a front porch. It instantly creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Some of our more snarky signs (like the welcome-ish sign) will even cause guests to laugh out loud.

Wooden welcome signs are timeless and will outlast any current trend. The signs’ durability and classic curb appeal make it the best option for decorating any front porch.

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